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When Style and Design Become A Business Under 35

The passion of two young men from Catania led the Midahome project, an innovative concept that satisfies the entire supply chain: from building materials to interior design.

The story of Midahome has the savor of a challenge won on the field by two young entrepreneurs who have decided to invest in the Sicilian territory. A brave adventure that, between fine materials and latest generation design, led a team of young people under 35 to explore and display, in the Etnean territory, new opportunities and an innovative way of furniture and interior designing.

With its 1400 square meters of exposition, divided into different spaces and evocative sets dedicated to iconic brands, Midahome guides the visitor in a full experience of materials to touch to appreciate quality of finishes and furnishings, imagining, since the earlier visit at store, the ideal project for their spaces.

«We want to go beyond the boundaries of the general idea of housing, interpreting in a new and careful reading the needs, tastes and trends of a constantly evolving market – says the CEO of the company Mirko Padalino, born in 1986, Catania doc, at the head of Mida Enterprise srl, Mida Forniture srl and the Real Estate agency Engel & Völkers – Sabaudia/Lazio – our motivational key is to be able to grasp the changes in progress, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to Mida Forniture’s support, we have built a format capable of operating at 360 degrees. The project of realization or renovation quits being a burden for the customer, instead it turns into a process of research and style that can best reflect the desire of the client, in order to fully live their home».

Tradition and innovation, apparently two opposite poles, yet represent two sides of the same coin. The contamination of classic and modern elements will be the 2019 trend design. If with the arrival of the new year you will be busy to furnish or modernize the house, you cannot miss the latest design news.

Among the retro styles that will influence the world of furniture in 2019 there is the Art Deco. Emerged in France in the 1920s, it spread rapidly throughout Europe. Characterized by its synthetic features and the use of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and inlaid wood, the austerity of the style is closely linked to the economic crisis of those years due to the First World War, which had economic, social and artistic repercussions. The most used motifs included zigzag or checkered shapes, drawings with ‘V ‘ and sun rays. A style for those who love to furnish their interiors in an essential and elegant tone, creating a cozy but sober space.

This trend would be complementary with the simple and functional lines of Scandinavian design. Typical of Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway, this style began to emerge at the beginning of the 20th century, although its true rise will take place only around the 1950s. In the period between the two great wars, designers from all over Europe expressed the need to find new inspirations that would give shape to the concept of modernity and innovation, giving life to projects that aimed to enhance the structure of the product and the natural characteristics of the materials used. If you are looking for a combination of creativity and linearity, the Scandinavian style is a winning choice for spaces with a dynamic and sophisticated profile. Are you afraid of giving your apartment a too classical profile following these styles? Don’t worry, because experts in the field rely entirely on the combination of traits of the past with purely modern features.

In particular, the use of the most up-to-date colors will give your everyday spaces a contemporary trait. Ready for the new year is a range of shades that extends from coral to dark green, from beige to the most decisive grey, creating a perfect synthesis between the past and the present.

Give free rein to creativity and combine the linearity of the styles of colors with a lively character so as to form an ideal balance that will make your home unique and trendy.

For your projects, rely on our competence and professionalism. Midahome will assist you step by step to give shape and color to your dreams.