You are currently viewing Judge Santino Mirabella presents presents his book on Lelio Luttazzi, a life lived in swing

Judge Santino Mirabella presents presents his book on Lelio Luttazzi, a life lived in swing

CATANIA – Santino Mirabella, court judge and writer, describes the human and artistic milestones of the great Lelio Luttazzi in his book “L’Illazione, a life lived in swing” (Dario Flaccovio Editor). The reader is cleverly engaged in a precise reconstruction of the most significant events of Luttazzi’s life.

To talk about these events, there will be a meet with the writer on Thursday, July 23, 2020 at the Midahome showroom in Misterbianco (Via Aldo Moro, 47). Interview by journalist Nicola Savoca.

The book by Santino Mirabella, without any doubts, leaves to contemporaries and posterity a document of great value that allows us to enter quietly in the life of Luttazzi, an artist with a thousand faces, ironic and very peculiar: Luttazzi, in fact, was a musician, conductor, pianist, jazz lover, writer and much more.

For the narrative of the story, Santino Mirabella makes use of testimonies, private memories, which are given the reader hints on the artist’s life. You can read the memories of Pippo Baudo, Maurizio Costanzo, Camilla Baresani, Rossana Casale, Italo Cucci, Christian De Sica, Piera Detassis, Antonio Di Bella, Lorenzo Hengeller, Luca Madonia, Massimo Moriconi, Giovanni Nuti, Dario Salvatori, Walter Veltroni, Roberto Vecchioni e Lina Wertmüller: memories that mark the rise to success of Luttazzi but also the time of isolation, chosen by the artist, who however will never abandon his love for art and music, returning to play for his last concert in his hometown Trieste, “the most beautiful city in the world,” as he often said.

“Lelio Luttazzi was the first showman of my life – says Santino Mirabella.  For my generation, he was the greatest artist of the first black and white television broadcasts.

And we’d run home after school to listen to the Hit Parade show. Young as we were, we couldn’t even know that he was also changing the way of doing a show.

A thorough artist: great pianist, host, comedian, singer, entertainer. The father of the generation of which someone knew how to inherit something, but no one was the universal heir. In the 10th anniversary of his death (July 2010-July 2020) I wanted to remember the artist as a fan, and as the young guy who grew up with his art.”

As a judge, I also wanted to remember the Kafkaesque legal case, the “infer” that unjustly interrupted Lelio Luttazzi’s career and that caused his outraged dismissal from that fake world of showbusiness, until the last years of payback of the debt, and the concert in the plaza of his city: Trieste”, concludes the author.

Santino Mirabella is a judge for preliminary investigations at the Court of Catania and president of the Cultural Association “Efesto”, through which he organizes the homonymous prize for literature. Medal of the President of the Republic, Mirabella is the author of books of various kinds, from poetry to novel, from essay to aphorisms, with emphasis to the world of entertainment and music.

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