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Design Trends 2019: Classic Styles and Glamorous Colors

Tradition and innovation, apparently two opposites but in reality, they represent two sides of the same coin. The influence of classic and modern elements is the 2019 design trend. If you are planning to renovate or simply retouch the design and décor of your home, you can’t miss the latest news in the field.

Among the retro styles, which will influence the design world the most, the Art Deco’ is definitely the favorite candidate for this platform. Appeared in France in 1920s, spread rapidly all-around Europe leaving its own imprint through its simple traits and the use of material such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carved wood. The austerity of the style is linked to the deep economic crisis followed by the end of WW1, which lead to deep economic, social, and artistic changes. The most used design creations took inspiration from zigzag and chess arrangements, as well as, “V” shape and rays’ patterns. A style for the ones who enjoy decorate their homes by using essentiality and elegance, yet creating a low-key, warming space.

With the landing of the Art Deco’, another style influenced the design era of the time; the Scandinavian design. Familiar to the northern European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway, this style started to emerge at the beginning of XX century and fully rose around 1950s.  Right between the two major world conflicts, WW1 and WW2, European designers felt the need to find new inspirations in order to create a concept of modernism and innovation, through projects that expressed the design of the product and the natural characteristics of the materials used. If you are looking for a combination of creativity and linearity, the Scandinavian style is the right choice since it will allow you to create a sought and dynamic outline for your spaces.

Are you concerned that such style will result in a too classic profile for your home? No need to worry because the experts suggest combining old traits with modern characteristics.

Particularly, the choice of colors on the walls will give your daily living spaces a more contemporary touch.  The new trend for walls paint focuses on shades that go from coral to deep green, passing through beige and landing to a firm grey, creating a perfect synthesis between past and present.

It’s time to remove the levees of your creativity and allow the linearity of styles and brightness of colors to create an ideal balance in your unique and stylish home.

Midahome, with its professionalism and competency is here to walk you through all the phases of your project, and help you molding your dreams through colors and shapes.