The company

Showroom, art gallery, studio and store all in once: In its 1400 square meters, Midahome encases everything you need in order to live a real and full experience on traditional and hi-tech materials, on the latest generation of building products and furnishing accessories of absolute prestige.


Showroom, art gallery, studio and store all in one.  Thanks to traditional and hi-tech materials, latest construction products, and absolute prestigious designer furniture, Midahome with its 1400 mq encases all your needs to live a real and complete experience. As a result of the brilliant business experience of the group Mida Forniture s.r.l., Midahome represents an exclusive landmark of this kind and a place to uncover the creativity and innovation of the most important brands active in the market.


 Midahome signature is the starting point for any project enclosing high quality material, functionality, and precise attention to the fast-changing trends in the design industry. Our vision is to provide unique and personalized projects to the clients’ needs that appreciate new trends and innovation. Each and every project is the result of our team professionalism, strength, passion, and experience in the field, which allows Midahome to guide clients throughout the many phases of the plan and provide the desired results.